Saturday, June 20, 2009

GASP Course and ThinkCSpy with Error Free Sphinx

Both the gasp-lessons and thinkcspy now contain sphinx source that builds without errors or warnings! With Filip's help, the index.html page of the gasp lessons now build the way I wanted them to.

I spent the day today working with Gregorio Inda, a Civil Engineer in Mexico who has been volunteering to translate the Python text book -- and now the gasp lessons as well -- into Spanish. The goal was to enable him to get his changes onto launchpad as he made them. To make this possible we needed to setup his Ubuntu Hardy box with:
  • Python virtualenv
  • bzr
  • sphinx
  • ssh connectivity to launchpad
The whole process wasn't bad, and was helped by the fact that Gregorio is a very bright guy, but it will soon be much easier when you can simply: sudo apt-get install python-sphinx and get sphinx version 0.6.1 or later. My assumption is this will be possible when Karmic is released next October.

While Gegorio is working on the Spanish version of the gasp-lessons, I've taken on the task of converting his Spanish version of thinkcspy from lore to reST. The script that I was using for the English version doesn't handle accents or ñ's, so I needed another tool. Fortunately, I found this on-line HTML to reST converter that seems to work pretty well.

Python Geek Fest

Since I will be heading to Maine for FOSSED on Tuesday, Monday is the last day for a few weeks that I'll be able to get together with folks working on Summer Python projects. So I've called for a "Python Geek Fest" on Monday at GCTAA. Jamie Boisture, Filip Sufitchi, Chris Carey, Paco Roque, and Howard Batiste have already confirmed, and we may get a few more folks who show up at the last minute. I plan to have even more work finished on the curriculum materials, and to helping Jamie get the new GASP in a form where a debian package can be built from it.

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