Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update from Los Chilamates

The picture above shows the students from Los Chilamates who have been attending Saturday XO classes at la Universidad Evangelica de El Salvador.

Classes have been proceeding well, and I'll report back with more details as soon as I have them.  My son, Louis, will be heading to El Salvador on December 17 to help with the project.  I'll be sending detailed reports back from Chalatenango during his visit.

Louis's goals for the project during his visit include:
  1. Bring two mini computers running Ubuntu Karmic for the lab.
  2. Get a router working so that multiple computers can connect to the Internet at the same time.
  3. Organize at least 2 classes with the 5 teenage activists in the project using the networked computers.
  4. Jump start work on the website.
Scratch on Ubuntu

In related news, there is now a PPA (personal package archive) with the latest Scratch available on Launchpad.  The project is located here.  It works like a charm!  I've been using wine to run the windows version, but midi functions like playing notes and instruments never worked this way.  Now it does, and having a native version makes saving and finding projects a lot easier as well.

Since I will also need Scratch running on the Fedora 12 machines we have in the lab for Sugar development, I needed an rpm.  Sabastian Dzaillas, maintainer of the Fedora EDU spin, suggested I try using alien.  I did, and it worked!

Email me if you want a copy of the rpm.  I want to find a place to post it, but I'm still not sure about the licensing issues.  It works, but it still needs a bit of love to get rid of the errors that are reported during installation.

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