Saturday, July 10, 2010

Setting Up SchoolTool with The SchoolTool Book

I just finished setting up SchoolTool for the GCTAA Summer program.  I added a school year, then a term. I set up the timetable, then added courses, teachers, and students.  It was so easy that it made me feel real good!

The thanks for this pleasurable experience go to the SchoolTool project manager, Tom Hoffman, who has crafted The SchoolTool Book. As someone who has spent many an angry hour trying to work my way through complex and impossible to read configuration manuals, I can recognize a well written manual when I read one, and this one is well written.  It is clear and concise, and has all the information the reader would want in just the right places.

The lesson here is simple:  all free software projects should have their documentation written by English teachers who are also free software geeks.  If only we could find more of those.

Thanks Tom!

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