Monday, October 4, 2010

Introducing the Ubuntu Family Home Computer

I'm not sure if the good folks at Canonical even know what they've got, but thanks to the hard work of of the Ubuntu Sugar Remix (USR) team, October 10, 2010 will mark the arrival of the first Ubuntu family home computer.

The Bear Family's Ubuntu 10.10 Login Screen
This is the first Ubuntu that is truly for the entire family.  Mama Bear and Papa Bear can both have administrative rights and private data, thanks to their encrypted home directories and secure passwords.  They login to the gnome desktop environment that keeps getting prettier and more user friendly with each six month release.

Papa Bear's Gnome Desktop
But what is really exciting and new with this release happens when Baby Bear clicks her name on the login screen, and is taken right to her Sugar desktop without having to type a password.

Her parents are happy because they know that the Sugar Learning Platform provides Baby Bear with a safe and effective place to learn and grow.  No evil advertisements here, just games and puzzles that teach Baby Bear to type, and add, and write, and problem solve.

Baby Bear's Sugar Desktop

The Sugar Learning Platform is starting to deliver on its early promise of creating a free, open learning platform for children of all ages.  With USR now installed on each machine in our computer lab at school, we will be able to explore its possibilities and contribute to its development.

Stay tuned for our reports on what we learn!

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