Friday, February 4, 2011

Sugar Labs DC Plan for 2011

At the monthly meeting of the OLPC Learning Club DC on Saturday, January 22nd, we had the chance to discuss goals for Sugar Labs DC for the coming year.  After considering available resources and our desire to build on work from last year, we decided on the following goals:
  1. Update the TurtleArt for Gnome package in time for the 11.04 ("Natty") release of Ubuntu and port it to Fedora.
  2. Port the physics activity  to gnome and get it into Debian and Fedora repositories.
  3. Create a social networking site for sharing physics worlds, using the same technology we used last year to create the TurtleArt site.
  4. Use Pyjamas to create a browser version of Guido van Robot.
  5. Setup, test, and document a CentOS based "School Server" with the
    following features:
    • an rpm for a working ejabberd server
    • turtleartsite and physicssite installation
We decided to migrate our lab from Ubuntu to Fedora.  The Ubuntu Sugar Remix (USR) project is being abandoned for the time being, so sugar won't run on the next Ubuntu release.  We lack the resources to support USR ourselves, and since educational software is our focus, the move to Fedora makes sense for us.

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