Friday, May 29, 2009

Karmic fluxbuntu

I had a great conversation with Joe Jackson, project leader of the fluxbuntu project, on the #fluxbuntu irc channel. His plan is to focus on the 9.10 release, so the timing will work out perfectly for us to contribute during the Summer.

I've already installed karmic alpha-1 on a laptop in school, and am awaiting further instructions.

Jamie Boisture is with me for 30 hours each of the next 3 weeks as part of his high school, "Senior Experience", a program that let's Yorktown High School seniors spend their last 3 weeks of high school exploring the world of work. Jamie will essentially be kicking off Sugar Labs, DC with the work he is doing. He had a great week this week, successfully porting the Graphical Logic Circuits program from pygame to pycairo. This bodes well for the work Jamie has agreed to take on this Summer porting gasp to pycairo.

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