Monday, May 4, 2009

Logic Circuits

I love when stuff like this happens... A thread started on the IAEP (It's An Education Project) mailing list about software simulators for learning about logic circuits. My friend and co-author, Chris Meyers, developed two activities as part of his Python for Fun series on this very topic:
Several years ago, former student Peter Bui wrote a "Getting Down with..." meant to compliment Chris's lessons:
Last year student David Cooper created a logic circuit simulator in pygame, called Graphical Logic Circuits. I sent Matt and Jamie an email this morning, and they are already at work looking over David's code from last year to see if it would make a good Sugar Activity.

Getting more reST

Chatting with Douglas on irc this afternoon, he pointed me to some good resources for my study of reST:
Brendan pushed his latest changes to the gasp-lessons site on launchpad. I have my check out of gasp-lessons inside a directory named Sphinx, that also has a virtual environment. I can now use the following process to build the course materials from within the Sphinx directory:
  • source bin/activate
  • cd gasp-lessons/gasp_course
  • sphinx-build source/ build/
I updated my alias list in my .bashrc file to include the following:
  • alias gle='rsync -avz -e ssh --delete /home/jelkner/Projects/Sphinx/gasp-lessons/gasp_course/build/'
After running gle from the command line, the Open Book Project site now has the new version of the Gasp Lessons:
The coolest thing is the way SVG images just work now, as you can see in Sheet 3 of the course.

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