Friday, August 21, 2009

What we accomplished this week...

We held three classes each day for 2 hours each class. The morning class was all younger children, and focused on Sugar and Scratch. The mid-day class was a mix of younger kids and adolecents. We divided this class between the Sugar/Scratch group and the XHTML group. The night class was all older teenage and older folks and focused on XHTML.

The classes were full with as many as 37 people attending the evening session. This stretched our limited resources to the breaking point, and led to some slow going for a day or two, since we didn't have enough XOs to go around. Later in the week classes were a bit smaller, and everyone who attended could get a laptop to work on.

The longer term goal for this project is to make it self sustaining. The most interested participants will form study groups and continue to work toward learning enough web development skills to create a web site for the cooperative. Hopefully others with interest in working with the children will bring them together to work more with Sugar. At some point soon some of the families will be taking XOs home with them. The problem is deciding how to deploy them, since there aren't enough for everyone. The goal is to get them distributed where they will be most heavily used.

One BIG Worry...

Today the router stopped working again! I don't understand why. A single machine can get an address, but the router does not seem to be able to get one. This project will not work if we can't distribute Internet access, so this is a serious concern. Douglas Cerna is on his way here from San Salvador today. He is bringing another router and a NIC. Hopefully between the two of us we will be able to figure this thing out.

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