Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuck in Customs

The 30 XOs which arrived in El Salvador two weeks ago are still stuck in customs. Raul and Douglas are both trying to resolve the problem. In the mean time, Douglas has installed Sugar on a Stick and is beginning to explore Sugar.

I sent Luke the LAPTOPS.DAT file I created on April 3rd. The same day he sent me back a develop.sig file with the developer keys for each laptop. Now I need to go to each one and install it.

I brought one home to try out the process. Here is how it went:
  • opened the terminal activity
  • su - root gave me a root prompt (#)
  • put in the usb stick containing develop.sig
  • used mount command to locate where the usb stick automounted
  • copied develop.sig from the usb stick to /security on the XO
  • rebooted, and at the ok message, I hit the escape key (x with a circle around it)
  • typed disable-security and pressed enter (repeat this twice)
This all seemed to work without a hitch. Matt was right about there being no problem having the developer keys for all 11 XOs in the same develop.sig file. It appears the correct key was found and copied to firmware, where it will now happily allow this particular XO to boot off of SD cards and for unsigned versions of Sugar to be installed on it.

The next step was updating the version of Sugar that came on the laptop. For that I connected the XO to my wireless network and then followed the simple instructions here:

I'll be looking into which version of Sugar makes sense for our project, but for now I just installed the latest stable build using the command:
  • olpc-update 767
from a root prompt. The upgrade process took more than an hour, and I observed a few error messages along the way:
  • rsync: failed to open "/versions/updates/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a/usr/sbin/udevmonitor", continuing: No such file or directory (2)
  • rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(1385) [generator=2.6.9]
  • Update failed: Command '['/usr/bin/rsync', '-aOyz', '--no-r', '--dirs', '-l', '-c', '--delete', '--numeric-ids', '--no-whole-file', 'rsync://', '/versions/updates/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a/usr/sbin']' returned non-zero exit status 23
It then gave me a new message to let me know it wasn't giving up:
  • Trying irsync_dirty update from rsync://
  • - Creating contents for existing tree.
  • - Fetching contents for update tree.
  • - Performing incremental rsync.
The install was started at 9:30 pm. At 12:30 am, it was still on the -Performing incremental rsync message. I went to sleep fearing it wouldn't work, but in the morning I was greated with the following when I touched the mouse pad on the laptop:

Verifying update.
Installing update in /versions/{pristine,run}/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a

After typing reboot at the root prompt, the XO restarted and completed the software update process and I was looking at a newer version of Sugar.


  1. Mr. Elkner--In older versions, the command to type is "/usr/sbin/olpc-update". You should add this to your post. Additionally, the newest stable build is 802, not 767.

  2. offline update from USB might be quicker/ easier than update over network for multiple machines, or image the machine and replicate that way...?

  3. nandblaster said to require version 820 or above from a student. will be a better way later?

    I'll probably keep the current process to as not to introduce any more changes. we have a few diff firmwares on the lending lib machines, and some issues of history clearing for users...

    config management would be a good thing to learn...