Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Experts Weigh-In

We started the day yesterday by showing everyone in the Scratch (now really more Sugar) class how to install new Activities from the website. Everyone then had the session to explore the available activities. Here is a list of Activities that were tried and rated by our crack team of experts (since no one is better able to evaluate how much fun a learning Activity is than the learners themselves):

  • Tux Paint +
  • Physics 2 ++
  • Breakout +
  • Colors +
  • Bounce +
  • Micropolis -
  • Horse Game -
Yet to be rated Activities include:
  • XoIRC
  • Cartoon Builder
  • Joke Builder
  • Food Force 2
  • Pac man
  • Bridge
I also had the time to finish Sheet 5: The Robots are Coming from the GASP Python Course. Today in the Python class we will finish that sheet, and move on to Chomp for the rest of the week.

I can't describe what a thrill it is to be laying the tracks just before the train arrives! ;-)

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