Monday, July 13, 2009

Sugar Labs DC Producing Results

Our evening activities with Sugar Labs DC are producing results:
  • Josh Eddy has our XS (School Server) up and running and is studying all he can about the jabber protocol so he can better understand how it works.
  • Jamie Boisture is improving GASP each day is response to user feedback from our afternoon Python class.
  • David Morris installed GASP on Patricia Paul's XO, and then installed Sugar inside virtualbox on my laptop.
  • The kids in the morning Scratch (now more Sugar, really) class are providing us with a wealth of experience using Sugar with kids (I'm afraid they all have sweet teeth by now ;-)
Douglas Cerna wrote us to let us know the XOs are finally out of customs in El Salvador, and they were picked up yesterday by folks from the Buena Vista community, so we are moving forward on that front as well.

1 comment:

  1. Jeff,

    I have one of the "active antennas" that can be used with an XS. If your guys want to play with it let me know.